Cookie Policy

Cookies and Similar Technologies Policy

Last Updated: 5 September 2022

Version Number: 2.1

DroppCash uses small files (known as cookies) to see how you use our site and products. We put them on your computer when you visit our site and use them to recognize you and store information in-between visits.

With cookies, we can give you a better browsing experience, improve the quality of our products, and keep our marketing costs down. They let us make it easier to log in, and they show us where you might be having trouble with our products. Without them, we’d have no way to remember anything about you, such as whether you’re logged in.

In this policy, we’ve explained how and why we use cookies, and what each of them does. We’ve broken them down into four groups:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. We need these cookies to run our website — they let us save your cookie preferences, and keep the site secure. They’re always on.
  • Cookies that give you a better browsing experience. These let us tailor the site to your needs, like displaying it in the same language as your web browser. We’ll sometimes refer to them as functionality cookies.
  • Cookies that help us improve our products. These let us use tools that show us how you interact with our products — Mixpanel, for example. They help us find and fix problems for our customers, and they’re also known as analytical or performance cookies.
  • Cookies that keep our marketing costs down. These improve our marketing — helping us to spend less on sites like Google and Facebook, and more on charging as little as we can. When our costs go down, so do our prices. We share this information in aggregate form with third parties, for the purpose of advertising.